Power Washing & Soft Cleaning Services

Power Washing  and Pressure Cleaning  are general cleaning trade terms that cover outdoor cleaning with the use of pressurized water. The new term is Softwash which conveys the message that we will not use pressure to clean and remove ugly growth but treat the mold or mildew then rinse away with little pressure.

Water pressure when used incorrectly can do much more damage to the surface being cleaned then good. Specialized green cleaning solutions and hot water when necessary are a far superior combination of cleaning methods.
power washing mold removal softwash roof cleaning

 Roof Cleaning
roof cleaning pressure cleaning
mold removal mildew removal algae removal

The correct way to clean shingles, roof tile, slate or any other roofing material, is with no pressure. Special cleaning products that are approved by the shingle manufactures and require professional application followed by a thorough rinse work best. H2O SOFTWASH has been trained on the best products and techniques for through cleaning and have 20 years experience in the New Jersey area doing more than 7,000 homes and businesses during that time. As you can see in the two photos above a typical job that we have completed in south New Jersey.

Removing the black stains from your roof will prolong the useful life of the shingles. A very aggressive algae growing on your roof is what causes the black streaks. The growth is actually feeding on the shingle and diminishing the amount of limestone in your roof shingles, decreasing the life of the roof.

House Washing, homes in central New Jersey have a very diverse range of exterior siding. Vinyl siding because of it easy installation and durability is the most common on homes built in the past 30 years and is prone to organic growth such as algae and mold.

The north side of most New Jersey homes usually develops and grows algae, mold or mildew first. Tree cover and other factors can influence and accelerate the growth rate. Prolonged moisture from rain, morning dew and sprinkler systems in shaded provides the perfect environment for growth.

Brick, stucco, aluminum siding, stone veneer, hardboard, cedar and other home siding materials are also susceptible to organic growth.

Deck Cleaning is another of the H2O SOFTWASH services that is often called pressure cleaning or power washing. The fact is that more often then not, very little water pressure is used to properly clean and restore a deck. Deck cleaning solutions, hot water and a rotary surface cleaner are far safer then high pressure washing.

Wood Deck Cleaning and composite deck cleaning are very similar. Both surfaces are easily scared and gouged with high water pressure.  Clyde Sampsel has been cleaning and staining decks for over 20 years. H2O SOFTWASH  provides a yearly cleaning that keeps this pressure treated deck looking and functioning like new. As you can see in the picture below we have cleaned and sealed the deck for another happy customer!

deck cleaning and staining, walkway cleaning, pressure washing, softwashH2O SOFTWASH  can handle all of your outdoor cleaning and many other structure and surfaces such as; a pergola, gazebo, garden features, shaded walkways, passageway, seating area, vertical posts, pillars, lattice, fence and railing. Most are constructed from either wood or vinyl material.

Paver Cleaning is a new challenge to cleaning professionals. Pavers are solid enough to take high pressure but are usually set in and grouted with fine sand. Care needs to be taken to clean the pavers yet maintain the sand foundation the pavers were installed with. 

Patio and Porch Cleaning is most often included in a complete house washing. They need to shine like the rest of the home or building.

Shed Cleaning is exactly like house washing. These smaller structures usually feature the same type of building materials used on a residential homes.

Driveway and Walkway Cleaning are most often done with a rotary surface cleaner and hot water.

Patio Furniture Cleaning can be highly varied depending on the vinyl, metal, concrete, wood or other material used in the manufacturing process.

H2O POWERWASHING can provide professional cleaning and restoring on any of the surfaces or structure types listed above and more. Don't forget we can not only clean your home or business but we can stain or paint the areas as well.  Complete the Contact Form below for a  Free Estimate or give us a call. 

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