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H2O Softwash is a fully insured business in the state of New Jersey. Proof of business insurance and job references are always available upon request.

NJ License/Certificate Number: 13VH07730200

Power Washing Services Ocean County NJ

At H2O we have over 20 years of Power Washing experience serving clients throughout Ocean County New Jersey. We professionally clean all types of roofing, siding, decking, concrete, pavers, pool decks and most other exterior surfaces. Our unique Softwash cleaning process eliminates the need for any high pressure when cleaning fragile building materials such as roof singles, vinyl siding or wood shutters. Power washing with high pressure is always done with the appropriate amount of water pressure and safe cleaning compounds. Call, text or email us today for a fast free house washing, roof cleaning or other cleaning estimate 609-971-6553.

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H2O Softwash is owned and operated by Clyde Sampsel of Lacey Twp. New Jersey. H2O is a one call complete mobile cleaning and restoration service. Upon arrival at your home or business we are capable of cleaning, painting, staining and restoring the appearance on all of your exterior surfaces including; roofs, siding, fascia, aluminum trim, soffits, concrete, fences, pool decks, concrete walls, pavers, dryvit finish and natural wood surfaces. Often times we arrive, inspect and perform the cleaning the same day! You do not have to be at home for us to work on your property. We are fully licensed and insured, references upon request.

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The removal of algae, mold and fungus can not only revitalize the appearance of your home, it can also extend the life of your roofing, siding, concrete and other surfaces by many years. The most common black mold present on residential homes is Gloeocapsa magma. This is the reason for the black streaks and dark discoloration of many shingle roofs. Our Softwash process will safely remove Gloeocapsa magma, common algae and all other forms of organic growth from your roof shingles, siding, decking and concrete.

Exterior Painting / Interior Painting / Wall Paper Hanging

High quality painting from an experienced professional. Company owner Clyde Sampsel works on every job. Nothing is subed out or left to chance with inexperienced employees.

Starts with any required interior drywall repairs or exterior siding, soffit, facia or trim repairs.

Always includes thorough surface preparation such as required sanding and priming.

Paint or stain is applied with details and care under the proper conditions.

Deck Staining
House Painting
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Wood Siding and Shingles

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